Easy Carpet Making for Your Home



Introduction: Easy Carpet Making for Your Home

Taking full size carpets and even small carpet remnants and putting biding on them has now become easier than ever. After tripping onto a product called Instabind I have become the avid carpet decorator! Mixing and matching the carpets and adhesive binding adds color and life to even the dullest of areas in the house. Carpet is available cheap at wholesale stores and the binding comes in many styles and colors! 

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Step 1: Choose Your Carpeting

Choosing your unfinished carpeting can be done at any carpet outlet store or even a discount store. As long as the carpet is durable and in the color you want you are to to go.

Step 2: Items You Will Need

Carpet pieces
Sharp cutting utensil- I used an Exacto craft knife
Hot Glue Gun
Rug Binding (Instabind)

Step 3: Now You Have All Your Items

Once you have all of your items and are ready to go the following is super easy with great results.

Make sure your carpet is cut evenly all the way around. Plug in your hot glue gun so it has time to heat up. Get your carpet binding and begin in the middle of one side. Peel the back of the Instabind off and begin putting it up against the edge of the carpet piece. Put your binding all around the edges and make sure your corners are tight. Once your binding is in place then you can flip your carpet over and use the hot glue all along the inside edge as show in the photos.

Step 4: Helpful Tips

When using the hot glue gun on the outside edges of the carpet it helps to have a small glass of water near you. Nothing better than accidentally getting the hot glue on your fingertips.

Make sure the cutting utensil you are using is good and sharp. 

Instabind Adhesive Carpet Binding

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