Easy Carved Wooden Turtle DIY





Introduction: Easy Carved Wooden Turtle DIY

Small carved turtle

Manufacture of a small turtle carved in oak, fast and simple enough to implement. No need big machines and gouges a coping saw enough.


Petite tortue en bois sculpter


  • Colle à Bois
  • Gouges
  • Scie à chantourner

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Step 1: Laying + Scribing the Scroll Saw

Etape 1: Tracage + Chantournage à la scie à chantourner

Step 2: Give the Volume With Gouges

(Paste the turtle on a board with 2 sheets of paper between 2 can hold and easy removal at the end with a chisel wood.)

Etape 2:Donner le volume avec les gouges
(Coller la tortue sur une planche avec 2 feuilles de papier entre 2 permet de la maintenir et de la retirer facilement à la fin avec un ciseau a bois.)

Step 3: The Details

Les détails

More: http://mustermania.fr/



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    7 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Great job, I tryed a bear for boyscouts, it was not good.

    Wish I had this at the time, son is an Eagle Scout & out on his on now.

    what kind of wood did you use? Cottonwood bark is both soft and light VERY easy to carve without slaying your fingers excellent carving for younger carvers to practice on to get used to whittling. really awesome instructable!

    2 replies

    Thank you for this beautiful Instructible. And ArcticAkita, thank you very much for the tip about cottonwood bark!! Much appreciated.


    2 years ago

    très bien

    Oui pour commencer c'est très bien, c'est rapide, il faut y aller doucement sur les pattes de la tortue pour ne pas les casser.

    Yes to begin it's fine, it's fast, you have to go easy on the legs of the turtle not to break them.