Easy Cassette USB Flash Drive




Introduction: Easy Cassette USB Flash Drive

What you need:

- An unwanted cassette 
- A USB flash drive
- Sandpaper or a file
- Either tape, blu tack or glue
- Marker

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Step 1: Open the Cassette

Open up the cassette and take out all the parts.
Open the USB flash drive and save the circuit bit.

Step 2:

Put the two cassette shell pieces back together and mark where to make the hole for the USB flash drive.

Step 3: Sand or File

Use the sandpaper or a file to sand down the marked area for the hole.
Check to make sure the flash drive will fit.

Step 4: Stick the USB Flash Drive Down.

Once you have a big enough hole, use either glue, tape or blu tack to stick down the circuit of the flash drive on the inside on one of the tape sides, so the silver part sticks out of the side.

Step 5: Put the Tape Pieces Together

Put the tape pieces back together and glue if you like. 

Step 6: Finished!

Done! A cassette tape USB flash drive - the case also doubles as a stand.

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