Easy & Cheap Fishing Rod Holder DIY for on Shore Fishing.




With this easy Life Hack/DIY I teach you how to make a Fishing Rod Holder.
It all starts with an empty can of soda, or energy drink

1. Simply cut off about a centimetre of the top.

2. Dig a small hole about the size of the can and bury it, making sure to leave top open. (The bit you cut off to the top)
( Don't cover it)

Small tip:
Make sure the can is fully empty, a wet rod is yucky haha, also make sure you dont get dirt in there by either accident or maybe accidentally kicking it in, as I learnt this the hard way. (My shirt had dirt all over it, from the bottom of the rod)

It's Finished!
Note. Look at the images, and you'll understand the 2nd Step more fluently, the video might help, but I dont think you need to watch. Just an added touch.



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    Hey thanks dude, glad to help.
    Really appreciate your comment as this is my first ever Life hack.
    I actually use this all the time, thanks to my mate.