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Introduction: Easy Cheap Harley Quinn Costume

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This is an easy cheap way to be Harley Quinn for Halloween. =) I hope you guys like it~ I thought it was fun. =D

I got all the costume pieces at Walmart including the makeup. =P

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Step 1: Costume

The costume! I got it all at walmart

The jacket and shirt are actually one thing and the wig came with it. It cost me $29 I got it in the Halloween section.

The 'shorts' I got for $2 and it's actually underwear. haha

The tights i got for $3 in the Halloween section.

Shoes I had at home. Belt I had at home.

All the makeup I got at Walmart.

Step 2: First

I just so happen to be really white so I didn't have to worry to much about that. haha I took this elf concealer for $3 and used it all over my face. I set it with translucent powder from NYC I think it was about $2,

Step 3: Blue Eye

I took the brightest blue from the eye shadow pallet, it was about $4. I used it all over the lid and obviously ran it down the side of my face. haha

Step 4: Pink

I took the brightest pink from this pallet, also about $4 and did the same this on the other side.

Step 5: Black

I took this black shadow, it was in the same pallet as the blue one, and I ran that on the top and bottom lid. I then drug a little down the sides of my face.

Step 6: Eye Liner

I used this elf liner I think it was about $3 and I lined my eyes

Step 7: Tattoss

I took the same liner and made the heart and 'rotten'

Step 8: Lips

I took red lipstick from wet n wild it was only $0.97 and put that on and drug some down my chin.

Step 9: Mascara

Using some mascara that cost me $1

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    Question 3 months ago on Step 9

    I have been a fan of your amazing artistic skills for some time now especially your uncanny ability to fool the eye of the observer see what isn't there and to hide what IS there. Since Halloween is only one day a year, I was wondering if you have been able to monetize your amazing talent by doing your work on other faces. The work you have done transforming your own pretty face would obviously make a great catalogue for your talent. I'm just sayin'...