Easy Cheap Harley Quinn Costume



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This is an easy cheap way to be Harley Quinn for Halloween. =) I hope you guys like it~ I thought it was fun. =D

I got all the costume pieces at Walmart including the makeup. =P

Step 1: Costume

The costume! I got it all at walmart

The jacket and shirt are actually one thing and the wig came with it. It cost me $29 I got it in the Halloween section.

The 'shorts' I got for $2 and it's actually underwear. haha

The tights i got for $3 in the Halloween section.

Shoes I had at home. Belt I had at home.

All the makeup I got at Walmart.

Step 2: First

I just so happen to be really white so I didn't have to worry to much about that. haha I took this elf concealer for $3 and used it all over my face. I set it with translucent powder from NYC I think it was about $2,

Step 3: Blue Eye

I took the brightest blue from the eye shadow pallet, it was about $4. I used it all over the lid and obviously ran it down the side of my face. haha

Step 4: Pink

I took the brightest pink from this pallet, also about $4 and did the same this on the other side.

Step 5: Black

I took this black shadow, it was in the same pallet as the blue one, and I ran that on the top and bottom lid. I then drug a little down the sides of my face.

Step 6: Eye Liner

I used this elf liner I think it was about $3 and I lined my eyes

Step 7: Tattoss

I took the same liner and made the heart and 'rotten'

Step 8: Lips

I took red lipstick from wet n wild it was only $0.97 and put that on and drug some down my chin.

Step 9: Mascara

Using some mascara that cost me $1



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