Easy / Cheap Passive Turkey Defrosting

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In this instructable I'll show you how to somewhat quickly (about 8 hours), easily, and cheaply (most likely free) defrost your frozen turkey with stuff you probably already have. This isn't as much of an instructable as it is quick easy advice.

Here's what you need:

-A frozen turkey (or other large piece of frozen meat)

-A clean cooler big enough to put a turkey in.

-Cool water

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Step 1: Put Frozen Turkey in Cooler

Now put your turkey or other large piece of frozen sealed meat in the cooler. Now fill the cooler with enough cool water to cover the meat and close the lid. Now you can leave your turkey in the cooler to thaw. Your turkey will take about 8 or more hours to fully thaw, and in most cases can be safely left in your cooler for about 12-15 hours. The water in the cooler will remain icy cold for quite a while depending on the quality of you cooler and the temperature of the room the cooler in left in.

I recommend you check you turkey every four hours the first time you try this just to be safe, but in most cases you will be able to leave it alone for at least eight hours.

Once thawed your meat will be ready to smoke, fry, bake, or cook in any manner you choose. Be sure to wash your cooler well after you are done defrosting your meat.

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