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If you're looking for a super quick, super easy way to stash a rainy day fund, documents or anything else (think paper weight items) then this might just work for you.

With a few simple materials and tools you probably have in your house right now, you can be hiding your stash in about five minutes.


Wire hanger (any wire kind will do)
Plastic, sealable bag (like ziploc)
Duct tape


Wire cutter
Tape measure

'Mystery Item' : Toilet tank lid


Because, nobody likes touching the toilet any more than they have to and if they do lift the lid, they usually don't lift it high enough to look underneath or flip it over to look at the underside.

Usually the lid just comes off and rests momentarily on the seat lid - fiddling commences in the tank - the tank lid goes right back on, stash intact and undetected!


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Measure the space between the concave recess of the underside of the tank lid.

Be sure to measure left and right of the center of the lid - keeping a space about the width of your plastic bag.

All tank lids are a little different - as you can see, mine is straight on one side and bowed on the other. Adjust you're measurement to fit your lid.

Cut a straight length of the hanger about 1/16 bigger than your measurement.

I was lucky and got it right on the first try, but you may sacrifice a hanger or two to get it just right if you cut too short to begin with.

If you're unsure cut a little bigger, as you can always remove a little bit more if it's too long.

Take the first cut wire and gently press it into the lid until it 'catches'. You'll know when it does because the wire will be snug and flexed into the lid.

You may have to cut, file or grind the tip of the hanger to make it easier to catch against the lid.

Be sure to make tiny adjustments, a little at a time, so as not to over shorten the wire in the process.

Once you know the wire is the right length and fits snugly against the lid, cut a second identical length of wire hanger.


Cut the bottom of your plastic bag so that the finished length of the bag is about 1/8 - 1/4 inch shorter than the wires on both ends. This will insure easy fitting into the lid in a moment.

If the bag is too long, it may interfere with fitting it properly into the lid.

Duct tape the bottom of the bag closed.

Next, place a piece of tape, sticky side up, on a flat surface and position one end of the bag onto the adhesive.

Place one piece of wire onto the adhesive, a little bit away from the edge of the bag. Be sure to leave an even amount of wire exposed on both the top and bottom side of the bag.

Fold the tape over to seal the wire inside the tape and the tape to the front of the bag.

If you left the wire a little bit away from the bag, then you should have a little tape to tape action on either side of the wire. This will provide maximum sturdiness to the stash bag.

Repeat the process on the other side.

TIP: Use a straight edge to make sure the wires are even on both sides.

Step 3: STASH IT

Place your stash in the bag and seal it up tight.

Place the stash bag assembly over the toilet lid and press the wires down in the middle to create tension between the end of the wires and the inner edge of the toilet lid.

The wires should flex the entire bag against the lid top snugly and hold tightly to the inner edge of the lid.

TIP: Turn the lid, stash bag attached, upside down (not over the toilet - lol) and shake vigorously. If the stash bag can withstand a few moments of vigorous shaking - you're good to go :)

If not…

File the wire ends to align better with the lids edge.

No file? Gently rub the tip of the wire against the sidewalk in a circular motion to grind it down, but don't over do it or you'll have to sacrifice another hanger.

Still not working, try wrapping a small amount of duct tape around the tips of the wires (think a little cap). The tape may help keep the wire from slipping against a lid surface that is more smooth that rough.

Nothing left to do now but wash your hands and relax knowing that your stash is safely hidden.


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