Cheap Vines for Jungle Themed Parties

Introduction: Cheap Vines for Jungle Themed Parties

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Old gift wrap rolls or newspaper
Acrylic brown paint
Cardboard paper or tissue paper ( leaves)

This whole project was made entirely free from junk around the house and it was made to be used for a birthday party decorations for my babies party

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Step 1: Make a Leaf... or 20

For this step , I free handed an ordinary shape of a leaf, I used that one for a stencil and made about 110 of them with 3 cardboard I had from a clearence bin a long time ago I then cut them all out, folded them in half, and use the scissors to cut ( at an angle from the bottom up, and when you open these up it'll give the leaf more movement, do these for all the leaves you just drew, ( exhausting yes) amazingly incredibly entertaining.... A little sad I know lol

Step 2: Make Those Vines

Remember that empty gift wrapping roll ? Unroll it and crumple it up, now cut it in long strands across , about 2 inches apart
Now use your glue or mod podge and mix brown with it, start by twisting the strips of paper with the brown mixture you just made, twist all the way to the end... This is messy so be patient....if you use mod podge I found it dried almost immediately , but it's kinda expensive to use this way, this is where the old mighty Elmer's glue steps in, it took a little while but overall better at the finished vine appearance.

Step 3: Finish and Hang

Use your glue gun and attach your leaves to the vines, you can add 2 at a time like I chose too, or you can do one in each side ( it'll go a longer way that way), now they're done!!! Now you can use these in door ways for your bday party or choose to decorate the whole room with them, have fun!!!!!

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