Easy Christmas Stocking




Introduction: Easy Christmas Stocking

Christmas is coming. So my sister and I decided to do this Christmas stocking for the first time in my family. We were kind of unsure of how to do it, but in the end we pull it through. It's very simple and you can open your mind and do whatever you want with your sock (or boot -wtv)
I really recomend doing it is super fun!

PD: sorry if there any spelling mistake. English is not my first lenguage.
PD2: who wants this in spanish please ask for it.

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Step 1: Materials

Nice and Easy to find ;D

- Polar Fleece (you could use some other fabric I guess... it's up to you)
  You will need White, Red, a kind of scottish type, but you can use the combination you like the most...
- Felt in many different colors! i used only yellow and green but it depends on your final desing
- Sewing Machine if you don't like you sewing by hand
- Needle and threat
- Scissors
- a marker, a sheet of paper, pencil, etc
- your full imagination ;D

Step 2: Let's Start

First of all, you need to choose a desing or create one. I'm sure there are a lot of pictures on internet for you to get inspired... once you've decided the basic design of your sock/boot you have to make a pattern (or get one) specially if you're going to do one for each member of your family (like I did)...

Making a pattern is not difficult. All you need is draw your desing in a sheet of paper (real size) and then, in a different paper, copy the parts that go with a different fabric (the heel, the toes, etc.) I chose a very simple one... you can do this one or just another...

Step 3: The Pieces

Now use your pattern and take it to the fabric. The Polar fleece can be a little difficult to write on, but you can use a chalk. I didn't have any near so I suffer a little bit and did it with a market. Let me tell you, is not the best idea, you get pretty dirty (since the polar fleece is made of plastic) but i finally manage to get it done ;D.

when you do it is important to:
- Make sure to leave a space between every piece so you can cut it and then sew it.
- Mark everything you need and the correct number of parts (2 per sock)!
- Make sure to do one piece with the right side of your pattern and the other with the other side. So they are not identical but oposite (see 2nd image)
- if your dowing several socks it's time to cut them all...
- if you want you can mark the ones that have been made with the same side of the pattern, i put an (*) in the ones that i did with the right side of the pattern.

Ater that, cut every piece, as you would use them in your desing (with a little space or no space). if you're fallowng my desing you can check the third image. ;D

Step 4: Time to Piece Together!

1. The white part: put together the right side of the white polar fleece against the reverse side of the red polar fleece as shown. Make sure the lines of yor pattern match. You can hold it with several pins is you need to. I basted it (sew loosley) so it won't move, but after the third one i got tired of that so i only used pins.

2. The heel and the toes: theese are much easier. you just have to see if the match (not milimetrically but pretty close) and hold it with a pin.

now you're ready to star sewing!

Step 5: Start Sewing!

now comes the exciting part! start sewing the pieces together... try to stay as close to the pattern line as you can.
I use a zigzag stich (¿"puntada"?) for the toes and the heels and i left the white part like that.. i only sew on the reverse side as shown in the pictures
make sure to sew the pieces in the right place. Nobody wants to see the market line!

Step 6: Finish Your Sock!

Get to boot/sock pieces (oposites of course) and face the right side angainst the other rght side.
Make sure everything is in order.
Hold it with some pins.
sew it carefully so it doesn't move or it will leave a hole!
be carefull! the parts don't have to match exaaactly as they should but be carefull with the shape of your sock!
Once your sock is complete, turn it over!
IT'S DONE! you're missing just one step more and it will be ready for Santa Claus to put your gifts pieces of carbon! lols

Step 7: Name It!

Because of all of the socks were just the same, we have to put each name on it. First you can print some letters you like or just draw them on paper, like me. Then cut them and use them as a pattern. Mark the letters in the felt and cut them. Then add the letters in the rigth order (be carefull!) with the glue gun and that's it! it's finished ;D

: when marking the letters in the felt, remember to put the pattern on the other side so after marking and cutting it would look as should and not up side down.

Step 8: DONE!

That's it!
you've finished your christmas sock! you can also add some more details with felt. I put a yellow star and i liked it. If you want you can have even more deteils, maybe a Santa or a snowman (even if it doesn't snow during christmas in your contry, like here). You can also add something to hang your sock over your chimeney or (like me) over your stereo! xD. Be creative or look for some ideas that you like! hope you liked it! and show me your results!


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