Easy Control Horn for Rc Aircraft

Introduction: Easy Control Horn for Rc Aircraft

About: I love my hobbies like model planes , remote control vehicles, guitars and more. I love building things and making models. I like to work with wood and remote control parts.i like to paint and draw.

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Step 1: Main Shape

Draw the shape and size of your control horn (depending on how big of a model) on a piece of fairly thick balsa wood. Then cut out with an x-acto knife.

Step 2: Adding Holes for Control Rod

Draw circles on the control horn where the control rods go through (I recommend multiple holes). Now get a thumb tack and poke holes on the horn where you put the circles. Then wiggle the tack in the horn so the holes are a little bigger (do this accordingly to the thickness of your control rod).

Step 3: Finish!!

Now your done!! When you put this horn on the model I recommend using epoxy to glue. It is surprisingly really strong and durable.you might want to sand down the edges except the surface you want glue to the model for a nice clean look. Thanks for reading my instructable and please give me some feedback. : )

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    5 years ago

    I will have a pic shortly because I'm almost done my extra 300 rc plane.