Easy Cord Wrapping Around Power Bricks

About: I am an electrical engineer. I graduated from U of Waterloo. I used to work for Adafruit Industries as an EE. Now I work for Sony PlayStation as a EE.

Intro: Easy Cord Wrapping Around Power Bricks

I recently purchased a new laptop. My old laptop was a Dell and came with a nicely designed power brick that was curved with a rubber strap so it was easy to wrap the cord around it. This new laptop came with a plain rectangular power brick that was frustrating to wrap the cord around.

My solution is a simple piece of steel and double-sided velcro strap duct taped to the power brick.

The steel bar is just scrap metal, and the velcro is purchased from Home Depot. Black duct tape would look much better but I didn't have any.



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    alot of them come with the velcro on the cord nowadays so u can do that :)