Easy Crochet Cover for an Indoor/Outdoor Pot Plant, Vase or Jar!



If you have a ugly Pot/Vase/Jar that you don't like looking at, then you have found the right Instructable! This is super easy to make and can make the vase end up looking very attractive!

I put a Jar with soil in it with an Aloe Vera plant in mine and I have it on the kitchen window sill, so it's easy to grab as soon as I burn or cut myself. But it is up to you what you put in yours, and also keep in mind that it makes for a great gift as well!

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Step 1: What You Will Need

A Pot, Vase or Jar.

Yarn. Any color you wish, the thicker it is, the sturdier it will be, and as for how much, that will depend on how big your Pot, Vase or Jar is. For a h: 20cm (8in), and d: 18cm (7in) sized cover you will need about 400g (14oz) of Yarn

A size 10.0mm Crochet Hook

That's it! You're ready to go :)

Step 2: The Base

Make 3 loops around your fingers (as shown in the photo), insert the hook through the two loops and catch the bottom loop on the hook and pull through. Yarn over and pull through, so you have made a Single Crochet.

Step 3: Crochet Another 7 Single Crochets Into the Loop

Insert the hook back into the loops and put the Yarn over the hook and pull through, Yarn over the hook again and pull through the two loops on the hook.

You will have a total of 8 Single Crochet in the loop.

Step 4: Now, Its Up to YOU!

Have your Pot, Vase or Jar close by and basically crochet around it.

To make the base bigger, on the second row, do 2 DC* in each stitch around. 16 Stitches.

On the third row, do 2 DC in every other stitch and 1 DC into the intervening stitch around.

Keep doing row 3 until you have the same size base as your Pot, Vase or Jar.

*DC - Double Crochet, which is: Yarn over hook, insert the hook through the stitch, Yarn over hook and pull through, Yarn over hook (you should have 4 loops on your hook) Pull the 4th loop through the next two, Yarn over hook and pull through the next 2 loops. You have just done 1 Double Crochet.

Step 5: Edge Fold

Once you have your desired width for your base, it's time to turn up the Edge...

1 DC in the back loop of each Stitch around.

Next row: 2 DC in every third Stitch and 1 DC in the 2 intervening Stitches.

The next 2 rows: 1 DC in each Stitch.

Next row: 2 DC in every 4th Stitch and 1 DC into the intervening Stitches.

Step 6: Shaping

Work 1 DC into every Stitch around until you have your desired height, however if you would like it to have some shaping to it (say, if your vase has like a curve in it...) You will be decreasing and increasing your stitches.

Double Crochet every 4th and 5th Stitch together, while doing 1 DC into the intervening Stitches.

For the next 4 rows (or what ever suits your Pot, Vase or Jar): 1 DC in every Stitch.

Increasing rows: 2 DC into every 3rd stitch and 1 DC in the two between.

Next few rows (for what ever fits) : 1 DC in every Stitch

Step 7: Finishing Up

When you have the correct height and shape for your chosen Pot, Vase or Jar, Do a *Slip Stitch around in each Stitch.

Cut your Yarn and weave in your ends from both ends of your Vase Cover.

*To do a Slip Stitch, insert the hook into the stitch, yarn over, pull back through, then pull the yarn through the loop on the hook.

Place your Pot, Vase or Jar inside. From here you choose what to put inside your Pot Vase or Jar. You can put water and cut flowers, or fill it with soil and plant a cactus or Aloe Vera (like what I did!).

Hope this works well for you! Please share and Vote! :)

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