Easy Crossbow

Introduction: Easy Crossbow

This is a crossbow I designed for fun. It is fun and easy and quick to load and fire. WARNING: DO NOT IN ANY WAY POINT AT EYES OR FIRE AT OR NEAR FRAGILE THINGS

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Step 1: Tools

Angel paper clip (you can find them at craft stores)
Craft stick or popsicle stick
Tape (for the example I used regular scotch tape and building it I used masking tape but any kind will do)
Small paper clip (they are usually colored)
Pencils (ammo)
Rubber band

Step 2: Let's Go

First you want to bend the angel clips "wings" to look like the first picture.
Next slide the stick between the two clip parts.
Now tape that all down.
Use the pliers to bend the "wing" ends into a loop (leave a big enough gap to slide the rubber band through.
Open the colored paper clip.
Once opened bend to a loop AROUND CROSSBOW. Tie off excess ends.DO NOT CUT OFF. Bend parallel to the bow. Tape on.
Slide rubber band through loop and close loop

Step 3: Firing the Crossbow

Stretch the rubber band behind the colored clip. Put pencil through the loop against the band. Pull back on the band using your thumb to hold in place. Release thumb at desired length to fire.

Step 4: Troubleshooting

If rubber band falls out of the loop tighten loop

Band snapped? Get a new one.

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