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Introduction: Easy Custom Beer Mug

About: My name is Andrew and I just really enjoy creating/building things. I love me some Star Wars... and other nerdy things. I also love the Outdoors and anything that deals with being outside.

Great Gift! and super easy!!!

Materials Needed
exacto knife
popsicle sticks
latex gloves
painters tape
Armour Etch
Beer Mug

Step 1: Prep Your Glass

Clean surface off with the rubbing alcohol.

Step 2: Create Your Stencil

Print off what you want to etch, then cut it out. Cut out a piece of vinyl slightly bigger than your design. Tape your design to the vinyl then tape one side onto the glass. Peel the wax paper off then carefully apply the vinyl onto the glass. Cut out the design with the exacto knife. I found that using the exacto knife on the corner to lift up the parts that need to come up helped a lot in the removal process.

Step 3: Prepare to Etch

Use painters tape to give yourself more space to protect the glass. Use a popsicle stick to press down on any edges that may have lifted in the removal process. You don't want to get this etching cream anywhere else except where you want your design. DO NOT get this stuff on your skin or eyes. If you do be sure to follow the instructions that came with your etching cream. Put a thick layer of cream (I've been told a thin layer is fine) on all areas that need to be etched using the popsicle stick. The instructions say to leave it on for 5 minutes and the wash off but for me after 5 minutes I like to move the cream around to make sure I got a even coat on and then I leave it for another 5 minutes.

Step 4: Wash the Cream Off

Run your Glass under water (warm or cold it didn't seem to make a difference for me). The cream comes off pretty easily so you don't have to touch it when you're washing it off.

Step 5: Now Enjoy!!!

Now poor yourself a nice tall glass. The mugs I got were from the dollar store (Dollar Tree to be specific) and they are rather large. I'm the picture with the Star Wars logo that is one bottle of beer.



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    hope this helps

    We've used "Mac Tac" in the past. A sticky backed drawer liner has worked, or find a local sign shop and ask for some of their mistake pieces and off-casts.

    Very nice! I have a question. I there any reason you cut the design out while it was on the glass, instead of before positioning it on the glass? Is there an advantage? I was thinking it would be easier to do the cutting on a flat surface...am I missing something?

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    Vinyl is incredibly flexible, fiddly stuff, and doing it on the glass allows fine details like the legs of the W or the inside of the C to not shift or move upon application. Also, you need the 'resist' (the vinyl) to have tight adhesion to the glass right up to the edge of the letter, and handling it gets hand oils and dirt on it. Without perfect adhesion and alignment, the lines come out looking less than professional.

    awesome answer to the question. couldn't have answered it better myself :)

    I cut it out on the glass because the vinyl is flimsy and for all the inside pieces (like the middle of a A for instance) you don't have to worry about it coming off or having to try to reposition it. made it easier for me

    I got a 12 ft roll on amazon for about $18 but I'm sure a local craft store like michaels sells it too

    When you say is the print durable do you mean that is the vinyl durable? If so then its durable for a single print. I'm sure if you are careful you can peel the vinyl off to reuse it but most of thin areas tend to tear.

    Nice job! I made a similar Instructable not too long ago. I tend to leave the cream on for 15-20 minutes, shifting it around as time goes on. And when rinsing the cream off, I just keep my gloves on and use my fingers to rub the glass. That can help prevent the cloudiness. Also, if you're doing a lot of these, consider buying a vinyl plotter; mine is called the Silhouette Portrait and only costs $120 I think on Amazon now.

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    I may have to consider getting one. I'm sure its a lot better than cutting each one out by hand. Thanks for your input. I havent run into any issues with the cloudiness yet but I have been taping the cup all the way to the bottom now just in case.

    Nice job, especially given the fact that the stencil is hand cut! And these sure make great gifts if you know the person you're giving them to!

    It would be wise to mask a bigger area around the stencil since the cream you wash off will give just a tiny bit of cloudiness on glass at the edge of masking tape if you look at the right angles. It's especially visible on coloured glasses/bottles.

    I've also found out that there's no reason to be afraid and rub the cream off with your hands while washing it off. Also, there's no need to put on a layer of it that thick. I use a soft artist's paintbrush and the layer of the cream can as well be very thin, what's important is not to leave uncovered spots.

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    Thanks for your input! I didn't know that I could use a thin layer, that will definitely help me save some cream in the future.