Easy DIY Color-Changing Halloween LED Decoration Lights - Pumpkin & Accent Lighting



Introduction: Easy DIY Color-Changing Halloween LED Decoration Lights - Pumpkin & Accent Lighting

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In today's Instructable, I'm going to demonstrate a 5 minute plug & play, easy installation of Oznium's Prewired RGB Color Changing LEDs as Halloween Lights / Candle Replacements &Decorations / Accent Lighting.

What's so brilliant about these LEDs? They're 100% plug and play, 12V ready, built in resistor, polarity protection built in, as well as the built in RGB controller - all right into the wiring !

Every Prewired RGB LED will slowly emit a steady fading glow, gradually changing to hundreds different colors with our overlapping LumiFlux™ color system. Even for a few, or hundreds of these connected to the same power source - due to our on-board AdaptFade™ technology from Oznium, you're guaranteed a vibrant, colorful unique show every time, from each LED!

For under the price of a normal big-box store cliche halloween inflatable / witch lighting decoration set (that let's be honest... is a bit outdated) you can use crafts, halloween decorations (like we've done!) or even insert a few of these Waterproof Prewired Color Changing LEDs directly into a pumpkin and have a truly unique & spectacular decoration and conversation piece setup in under 10 minutes.

Go Green, Save Energy, and also be safe this Halloween season with LEDs from Oznium !

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Nothing says 'questionable circumstances' to a fire marshall than an unattented pumpkin in your house that had a candle that fell over inside!

Step 1: Select a Suitable Pumpkin / Halloween Decoration to Add the LEDs To

First, we need something to light up! Instead of adding cliche christmas or orange lights to the pumpkin ornaments this year, we'll be using Automatic Color Changing LEDs from Oznium. These super bright LEDs are plug-and-play, just connect them to a 12V power source / adapter, and you're ready to go!

Let's start by choosing these Aluminum Pumpkins to add some Automatic RGB Color Changing LED Lighting to.

Now that we know what we're going to light up, find a method / way to secure and insert the LED lighting source, I personally found that the aluminum gaps & creases in these decorations were quite easy to make larger, and the exact size to snugly fit an LED inside.

  • Ideas : You may use a pumpkin, or pretty much any source you can wire these inside, they're waterproof! Don't be afraid to get the drill out and some sealant to have the coolest LED pumpkin on the block, but BE SAFE!

Step 2: Modify Your Pumpkin (be It Art or Actual) to Fit the Tip of the 5 MM LEDs.

As a ballpark idea, the size of the LED tip that you will need to install inside your source you'd like to light up is slightly smaller than the diameter of a pencil.

So, if a pencil can fit inside, you can easily mount / stick the LED in and mount it (be it with sealant or glue, but let's not get ahead of ourselves!)

I used a handy metal instrument to insert into the source and pry a proper opening that allowed the LED to fit snugly, in the next step we'll group together the 12V Prewired RGB LED wires (simply ground and power) & then install and mount the LEDs.

It's that easy!

Oznium has already done all of the wiring of the RGB controller, resistor & polarity protectioninside the wiring!

Next, let's group the wiring together and mount them inside the art-work / pumpkins!

Step 3: Mount the LEDs Securely & Group Together the LED's Wires

First decide how much area / space you'd like between the objects you're lighting up (if you're using more than 1 RGB color changing LED)

Space them out, and then mount the LEDs inside (don't hot glue or use sealant quite yet!)

Use electric tape, or zip-ties to make the LED's wiring grouped together to look less chaotic.

At the ends of each wiring of the LEDs, group the RED wires with each-other, after stripping them safely, as to not strip out the wire (these are 22 gauge wires.)

Group together the BLACK wires, and combine them, if desired with another wire to be able to easily connect (3) LED sources to 1 power source.

If desired, add an additional wire, and solder them together for easier installation.
In this example I have
  • (3) 22 gauge wires soldered to (1) WHITE Wire that is our Power (originally RED)
  • All black wires grouped together, soldered, and electrical taped with a BLACK wire to connect to the power source.

Almost done!

Step 4: Select & Wire a 12V Power Adapter and You're Ready to Go!

Finally, we must remember LEDs use a 12V DC Power Source (Direct Current) to be powered up.

Typical power fed to your home or office outlet is 120V - 240V, AC (Alternating Current) - that will won't work with LEDs, without an adapter. We need to switch this to stable 12V DC power.

This can be easily solved by using an AC Adapter purchased locally or online from somewhere such as Oznium.com - Have personally sourced these robust adapters, I feel safe running these 24 hours a day & at night at my own home as they're both UL Listed & Approved, and CE Approved for safety.

Personally, as with any installation, I've included an ATC fuse & fuse holder in-line on the powered side as to protect the LEDs should there be a power-surge and you haven't a surge protector installed, or as in my case, older , questionable, 50's era house wiring...

  • SOUTH PARK-ESQUE ADVICE: If you don't use an in-line fuse in your LED projects, you're gonna have a bad time. It's always easier to purchase a cheap 12V spade fuse & swap them out, rather than needing to replace a full group of LEDs due to an untimely lightning strike...

Step 5: Power on the AC Adapter and You're Done!

After wiring the 12V power source's negative & positive wiring as seen / pictured in the last step, power on the adapter. If they light up, use a preferred sealant, or hot-glue to secure the LEDs now that they're confirmed working, and you're finished.

If they don't light, no worries. These LEDs have polarity protection built-in. Switch the wires (you might have mis-wired group and negative) whilst the AC adapter is unhooked, and swap the wires, and you should be good to go!

These LEDs are pre-wired, so there's no resistor wiring, RGB controllers, or anything else to install, we've done it all for you !

Step 6: Enjoy Your Brand New LED Lighting Show Under $10 Dollars - Safe & Easy Halloween LED Lights!

Over time, the LEDs will change color at their own rates, creating an ever-lasting light show that never ceases to amaze. Enjoy your brand new Oznium Automatic Color Fading LEDs !

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