Easy DIY Jewellery : How to Make Beautiful Paper Earrings at Home

Introduction: Easy DIY Jewellery : How to Make Beautiful Paper Earrings at Home

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Friends, if you have a query whether easy DIY jewelry can be made at home, then you should definitely check out this step by step tutorial on how to make beautiful paper sunflower earrings at home. Making quilling paper jewelry at home is something totally new and fresh. It is such a cool craft to do at home! Paper Quilling art for making earrings is the best craft activity that you can engage in.

Being an Easy and simple quilling design for beginners, this quilling earrings design looks pretty and fashionable too! The bright and perky yellow and green colors and the sunflower looks so vibrant! So grab your quilling supplies and get started.Use a variety of paper quilling patterns, to make easy DIY Quilling earrings.

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Step 1: Grab Your Quilling Supplies!

To make this bright pair of sunflower quilling earrings all you need is some basics of your quilling supplies:


Quilling strips(5mm)

Quilling needles

Jump rings

Earring hooks

Decorative stones


Step 2: Make the Hoops!

To make the earring hoops paste and join two quilling strips and roll them around a cylindrical shape.

Fasten the end with adhesive.

Make another ring similarly.

This will give you rings for the quilling earrings.

Step 3: Make Closed and Tear Drop Shaped Coils.

Take green quilling strips and make closed coils with them.

Similarly make tear drop shaped earrings in yellow color and shape them with your fingers.

Step 4: Add the Hooks!

Take a small tight closed coil and insert a jump ring through the coil.

Pass the hook through the coil.

Place the tear drop shaped coils inside the rings with the closed coil in the center forming a sunflower.

Arrange the coils in the shape of a sunflower and paste the flower inside the rings.

Step 5: Your DIY Sunflower Quilling Earrings Are Ready!

In just a few minutes your quilling earrings will be ready to wear with your summer dresses.This DIY easy paper quilling earrings are an awesome quilling design for beginners.You can also make this sensational looking pair of paper quilling earrings as a handmade gift on your best friend's birthday.

These easy paper earrings also make for a fun DIY Fashion project for a gang of girls who want to have some fun creative time together DIY Home Projects are an amazing idea to spend some time in nurturing your imagination and creating something beautiful out of it.Adorn these pretty earrings and get heads turning!

Step 6:

Step 7:

Step 8:

Step 9: Get Your Quilling Supplies.

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