Easy DIY Party Decorations

Introduction: Easy DIY Party Decorations

These easy decorations are great for any kinda of party like Wedding, Birthday,...etc parties.

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Step 1: You Will Need

You will need glue and paper strips, or lines of paper, or.........what ever you call it.

Step 2: First Circle

Take a paper stripe and glue one of it's ends to it's other end.

Step 3: Second Paper Stipe

Now do the same thing with a second paper stripe. EXCEPT this time put the paper through the first circle you've made and then glue the two ends together.

Step 4: Final Step

Just keep on doing the second step until your happy with how long it is. And there you go, easy peazy decorations for parties. See me in my next Instructable. GOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDD BYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEE!!!!!!

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