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I've always wanted a scooter with skis attached so I made one a couple of years ago but it broke soon after because of the poor design. So after another failed design I finally made one that works well and has not broken yet, I call it the Skoot 'n' Ski! This mod  allows you to scooter in the snow whether its on flat ground or down a steep ski slope. The best part is that once the winter season is over you can simply take the skis off and put the wheels back on, making it an all season scooter!  

Materials needed:

-Skis (preferable an old par you do not mind cutting up!)
-Scrap Aluminum (approx. 1 in. and 1/8 thick, a ruler or yard stick works)
-Nuts and bolts

Tools used:

-Hack Saw
-Drill ( 5/16)
-Allen wrench

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Step 1: Scooter Prep

To get started on your skoot 'n' ski you will have to remove the wheels on your scooter. To do this use an allen wrench and unscrew the bolts, make sure you do not lose any of the pieces, then remove the wheels.

Step 2: Ski Prep

To get the right length for each of the skis I laid them down next to the scooter and measured off what looked right. I cut the front ski 22 in. from the tip, and the back ski 24 in. from the tip, the the "bindings" will go 13 in. from the tip for both skis. The goal is to get as much ski as possible but still be ride-able. If the skis are cut to short there wont be enough surface area and deeper snow will be impossible to ride through because you will sink, to long and the scooter will be hard to maneuver. 

Step 3: Mounting the Skis

To mount the skis to the scooter you are going to have to bend some scrap aluminum to make the bindings. I used a hammer and a vice to bend the aluminum to the right shape, the measurements I used are shown in the pictures above.  Once you have them completed make sure they fit together nicely and then drill the holes for the bolts (drilling before bending can make your holes not aline)

Step 4: Mounting the Skis Pt2

Once you have finished making the bindings put them onto the ski and mark on the ski where the holes line up and drill the holes in the ski. (This next part may seem a bit confusing so you might need to look at the pictures below to understand) In order for the scooter to work well you are going to have to hide the bolt in the ski, so it does not stick out. I traced the bolt onto the ski and used a dremel and knife to cut out some of the wax so the bolts could be buried.

Step 5: Attaching the Skis

Now you should be ready to attach the skis to the scooter, the final step! Go ahead and screw the two smaller metal pieces to the ski as shown in the pictures below. You will need to find some sort of spacer to space them the right distance apart, I used two barrings from an old scooter wheel and a washer type thing, it does not have to look good it just has to work. After that put the scooter wheel bolt on and tighten her up! Now you can add the cover piece simply put it through the fork and screw it to the ski. Then do the same for the other ski.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

One problem you have probably run into is that the ski tip for the back ski is too tall, I just sawed off the tip and it still works great! Unfortunately I was only able to use this once because the snow melted and its probably not going to snow again this year, but anyway I hope you have fun with your new Skoot 'n' Ski!

Ask if you have any questions


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3 years ago

I will do it.


Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

Thank you! glad its working for you. I just changed the wheels for skis for the winter on my scooter, I love it!


Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

I would too! If it snows I will make sure to get some pictures and videos.


Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

that was my problem for the longest time but I finally went to good will (a 2nd hand store) and found a cheap used pair for about $10


7 years ago on Introduction

Very nice! I definitely want to try this. Now winter needs to cooperate and give me some consistent snow..!