Easy DIY Traffic Lights

Introduction: Easy DIY Traffic Lights

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Due to some exams in school, I was losing confidence over my circuit making. So I made this Simple Traffic Lights Circuit.

This is a simple DIY Project for beginners. Just Follow Steps!!

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Step 1: Gather Materials!

1.Duct tape

2. 100kohm potentiometer

3. 10uf Capacitor

4. 0.1uF capacitor

5. 555 timer IC

6. 4017 IC

7. 6x1N4148 Diodes

8. Red, Green and Yellow LEDs

9. 330ohm Resistor

10. 220kohm Resistor

11. 2.2MF Capacitor

12. 9v Battery

13. 100kohm potentiometer

14. Battery Snapper

Step 2: Circuit Diagram

Assemble the components on General Purpose Circuit Board and solder according to Circuit Diagram Given.

Step 3: Some Misc Things

You should be ready with your circuit and it should look like this.

Use tape to gather the wires so that they do not wander!

Soldering must be neat.

Potentiometer is used to change in speed of traffic lights. If you do not use, the connect both the ends and it will change with default speed.

Step 4: The Final Step

Connect 9v Battery and you will see the traffic lights working.

If it does not the look next step!

Step 5: Troubleshooting

1. Use good quality solder and soldering must be neat.

2. Use continuity tester and go through the circuit with the help of circuit diagram.

3. Use good light to check wiring.

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    3 years ago

    Nice idea!