Easy DIY Valentines

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Use some basic craft supplies to make a bevy of beautiful Easy DIY Valentines with our video tutorial. You can find all of the things you need to make these at Target and Michaels, and you may have plenty of this stuff in your stash already!

White gel pen looks amazing on a black background and it brings simple stamped images to life. Add a little gold pen, some dimensional elements and crystals for sparkle and you'll have simply stunning Valentines for your friends, family, and significant other that look just as pretty as the ones you'd buy at the store. Best of all, they're a fraction of the cost!

We're all about inspiring you to be creative, so our tutorials are less about make this one thing and more about learn some fun techniques you can use to DIY.

Thanks so much for watching.


Margot a.k.a. Madge

Step 1: Folk Art Inspired Card

You will need:

Kraft Paper Card

Black Chalkboard Style Heart Sticker

Heart and Mandala Doily Style Stamps

Archival Ink in Jet Black

White and Gold Gel Pen

Adhesive Pen

SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS flat back crystals

Permanent Market in Black


Stamp images on card.

Use white and gold pen to accent stamped images.

Draw and write on chalkboard heart, stick to upper left corner of card.

Use glue pen to attach crystal accents

Step 2: Tickle My Fancy Card

You will need:

Kraft Paper Card

Beaded Feather Accent

Washi Tape

White Gel Pen

Dimensional Stickers


Place washi tape on card just below center as shown.

Use dimensional stickers to attach feather to card.

Write "you..." on front of card and "tickle my fancy" inside with white gel pen.

Step 3: J'adore Treat Bags

You will need:
Kraft Paper Treat Bags

Washi Tape

Chalkboard Tags with Strings

White and Gold Gel Pen


Decorate tags with pens.

Attach to bag with washi tape.

Add your treats and seal the back with washi tape.

Step 4: True Love and Devotion Card

You will need:

Kraft Paper Card

Heart and & Stamp

White and Gold Gel Pen

Permanent Marker in Black


Stamp card.

Fill in any areas that aren't fully stamped with black marker.

Use white and gold pens to add accents to stamped areas.

Write "devotion" inside of card.

Step 5: Make More!

Use the same techniques to make more cards! Because you can, crafty rock star!



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