Easy DIY Wine Bottle Gift Bag From a Sweater



Introduction: Easy DIY Wine Bottle Gift Bag From a Sweater

Quick and Easy DIY Wine Bottle Gift Bag made from an Old Sweater

A FiberArtsy.com Tutorial

Easily repurpose an old sweater into a Wine Sleeve or Wine Gift Bag.

Wine is such a great and easy gift but those wine gift bags are boring, right? It’s much more fun to make your own wine gift bag and what’s more fun than an old sweater?

Step 1: ​Supplies Needed:

– Old Sweaters or Jackets

– Fabric Scissors

– Pins

– Sewing Needle

– Thread

– Sewing Machine (optional)

– Ribbon or Cording

Step 2: Measure Your Wine Sleeve

Place a wine bottle inside the sleeve of your sweater. Now you need to decide if you want a cuff at the top of your wine bag or not. Some sweaters have a nice cuff detail but others don’t. Also, do you want to fold over the top of your wine sleeve?

This jacket did not have a nice cuff so I just decided to make the top of the wine bag a couple inches taller than a regular wine bottle. Place a pin where you will sew a straight line across the bottom of your wine sleeve.

Step 3: Sew the Wine Sleeve

Place pins along the bottom seam line and then cut the sleeve off about one inch below the pins.

Using your needle and thread or sewing machine, sew straight across the bottom of your wine bag.
Now comes the tricky part. In order for the wine bag to stand upright, you need to sew ‘grocery bag’ corners. If you turn a paper grocery bag inside out, you’ll see the corners are folded, perpendicular to the long bottom edge. Take a corner of the bottom of the bag and fold it 90 degrees from the first seam. Place a pin and sew it. Repeat with the other corner.

Step 4: ​Finish Your Sweater Wine Sleeve

Finish your Sweater Wine Sleeve

Turn the wine sleeve right side out. The only thing left to do is add your ribbon or cording tie. I found some fun, sparkly ribbon at Dollar Tree. My Kitty likes it, too!

That’s really all there’s to it. Super simple and it really only took me 30 minutes from start to finish to make this wine bottle sweater. These DIY Wine Sleeves are also the perfect last minute hostess gift or Christmas gift idea.

Here's how to make Fingerless Gloves from an Old Sweater.

No knitting or crochet required!

Full Tutorial at FiberArtsy.com


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