Easy DIY IPad Tablet Stand

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Easy to make DIY iPad Tablet Stand

Step 1:

Items required:

-wire hanger

-pliers (optional)

Step 2:

First you want to grab hanger on left and right sides and bend it down (see picture).

Step 3:

Take pliers and bend it at 90 degree. (both sides)

Step 4:

Take the outside wire of hanger and bend it backwards as much as you want.

Place it on the table and put your iPad/Tablet in it.



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3 years ago on Introduction

I wish I had a plastic coated hanger because I'd make this to use on my acrylic top patio table so it won't scratch it. I voted for you!

2 replies

Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

It shouldn't scratch your table because there is no rough edges touching table, but you can put some tape on the wire if you think it will scratch it.

Thanks for voting!