Easy Dart Sniper




Ok this creation you can make a sniper out of straw so now you San be an assassin like me jk for bullets you can use what ever fits I used a smaller straw but tip for the body use a big straw and put a handle on it with what ever you want so now I guess just follow the steps

Step 1: Body

Now make the body with straws and tape. Mine is a sniper but yours can be what ever you like

Step 2: Bullets

Now make bullets so get a small thin straw and cut it up into little bits. Now put tape on one side of 1little bit of the straw and do that to all the others

Step 3: Entering the Bullets

So now put bullets in the top long straw in the back as shown then blow

Step 4:

Now you have a mini assassins blow gun have fun



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