Easy Decorative Yarn Balls

Introduction: Easy Decorative Yarn Balls

Want to make something decorative? Simple? Fun? If your answer to these questions are yes, then this project is for you. These yarn balls are perfect for any room, whether dark or light, modern or retro, they will add style and creativity to any living space. With few supplies and directions, there are no good reasons not to make this craft.

Step 1: Materials List

1.skein (bundle) of yarn per color

2.3 balloons

3.bottle of glue

4.latex gloves

5.ruler to measure yarn

6. Scissors

7. Something to hang your string balloon from

8. Hot glue

Step 2: Get Out the Supplies

Get out these supplies: glue, paper cup, ruler, string, balloons, scissors, latex gloves

Step 3: Cutting Your Yarn

Cut four pieces of yarn, all about one foot long (it does not have to be exact just make sure they are around the same length).

Step 4: Blow Up Your Balloon

Blow up balloon until it reaches a good size, but not huge. The smaller the balloon, the easier it is to attach the strings to it.

Step 5: Tie Up the Balloon With Yarn

Tie balloon with a piece of yarn to something that can hold the balloon in place Ex: tv tray

Step 6: Fill Cup With Glue

Fill up your paper cup mostly full with glue. The fuller it is, the easier it is to dip your yarn in.

Step 7: Add Yarn to Your Balloon

Put on gloves and run one piece of yarn through the glue; attach the yarn to the balloon. You can connect one end of yarn to the next end of yarn if you prefer. Try to keep your glue on the yarn and not the balloon. If you add too much glue, the glue will spread and you will have to pull it apart when the balloon is dry.

Step 8: Add Some More Pieces of Yarn

Repeat step 7 until you run out of strips of yarn.

Step 9: Cut More Yarn

Cut four more pieces of yarn all the same length.

Step 10: Add Those Pieces to the Balloon

Attach those pieces of yarn to the balloon.

Step 11: Let the Balloon Dry

When you reach your desired amount of yarn on your balloon ( I put on 16 pieces) let the balloon hang on the stand overnight so the glue can dry. If the balloon starts to shrink, that's okay. It will still work even if the balloon decreases in size.

Step 12: Cut the Balloon

When the glue has finished drying, grab your pair of scissors and cut the balloon anywhere in the middle.

Step 13: Detach the Balloon From the Yarn

Start peeling the balloon off of the yarn. The yarn will bend and tear a little, but later you can go back in and hot glue the ends.

Step 14: Peel the Extra Glue Off

Once the balloon is off of the yarn, you can start peeling the dry glue off of your ball (the less glue you used, the less glue there will be to peel off.)

Step 15: Hot Glue the Ends of the Yarn to One Another

If you have any ends of yarn that became detached or were not connected in the first place, hot glue them to either another end of yarn or to the middle of a different piece.

Step 16: Hanging Your Yarn Ball

If you want to hang your yarn ball, tie a piece of yarn around it so you can put it wherever you want. (if you don’t want to hang yours skip this step)

Step 17: Finished!

Your yarn ball is finished and ready to go wherever you want it!

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    2 years ago

    Very nice! How long does it take to make?