Easy Do-it-Yourself Air Conditioner With Optional Express Instructions

What you need for this project:

Plastic Wrap [Optional But Recommended]
Scotch Tape [Optional But Recommended]
Plastic Cup [MUST be plastic]
Fan [Preferably a Not-so-Strong one]
A half-hour to an hour.

~~EXPRESS Requirements~~
Plastic Cup [MUST be plastic]
Fan [Not very strong]
15 minutes. And/Or Ice

Put a cup of dry ice in front of a fan.

Step 1: Step One: Setting the Cup in the Freezer

First, take your plastic cup. Fill it with cold water about halfway.
Now, find your plastic wrap. Cover the top with it. Optionally, you may cover the entire cup. 
Use tape to reinforce the plastic wrap.
Now, place it in the freezer in a place that it is unlikely that it would be knocked over.
Fill two plastic cups about three quarters way.
Put ice in them.

Step 2: Step Two: Wait.

Wait 1/2 hour to 1 hour.
You're ready. Optionally, to really pimp your AC, put a cup of ice in the fridge, or even two!

Step 3: Step Three: Place the Cup

Take a small table-fan, and place the cup in front of the airflow. Set it on the lowest (or medium) setting for best results. You want the cool air to rise out of the cup, so remove the plastic wrap off the cup.
Do the same, however, either place one cup and allow the other to freeze, and when the 1st cup warms down, take the 2nd and put it in front, and freeze the first, or put both for maximum chillation. 

Step 4: Step Four: Enjoy!

For best results, close windows and door in the room you're in, and allow a few minutes to "activate."
The cup should last an hour or two, and if the ice melts, it may still be cold, so just be patient before refreezing.
Thanks for viewing my instructable, I hope it makes your summer alot more comfortable! :)
(BTW this is my first instructable.)



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    7 years ago on Step 4

    excellent I will surprise my wife with this when she returns this aft.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Put a cup of dry ice in front of a fan.

    Do not attempt to do the steroid, can and will cause death.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Google images show other people's images. Just because you find them there, doesn't give you permission for you to show them other places as park of your work.

    Find your "stock" pictures in Wikipedia or in Wikipedia Commons , but you still need to pay attention to the pictures' licensing and credit them properly if you do so.