Easy, Draped Maxi Dress DIY Tutorial




One of my resolutions this year was to try draping a garment (a la Project Runway) rather than using a commercial pattern. This is my first try with it and it seemed relatively simple so I thought I'd share a tutorial on it too :) The dress I made is a very basic Grecian-inspired, draped maxi using a super soft jersey material. The best thing about it is that you only have to sew 2 lines - one side seam and the hem.

What You'll Need:
2-3 yards of 60" jersey (I used a stretchy 100% Rayon from Joann's)
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A belt

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    Whoops! I had embedded the directions onto each photo. Here it is in text form:

    1.  On a dress form / model / yourself, center fabric against body vertically (the fold in the fabric from being on the bolt should line up against your side from underarms to ankles) and tie the ends once.

    2.  Tie it one more time so you wind up with kind of a fancy looking danish

    3.  Tuck the ends inside and pin.  You'll hand tack these down when you're ready to sew.

    4.  Pin right underneath your underarms and also at your ankles.  

    5.  Carefully cut excess fabric from the bottom at the length you want it (maxi, below knee, at knee, etc.) but don't forget to leave a little excess for hemming.

    6.  Remove dress from dress form / model / self and sew down the side from where you pinned at the underarm and ankles.  Hem your dress.

    7. Voila!  You're finished!  The great thing about jersey is that it will not fray so you can leave the ends unfinished if you prefer.  Hence, I left the entire neckline with a raw edge.  You'll most likely want to wear this dress with a belt of some sort either at your waist line or right underneath your bust.