Easy Drapes for Truck Camper Shell




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Camper shells like these let in a good amount of light, and sometimes all they need is some privacy to transform them into more than just extra storage space. Curtains can provide shade and the humble touch they need to make them more comfortable in which to sleep and camp!

Step 1: Supplies!

Curtain Rod (+mounting hardware and rings), Curtains, Clamps, Twine, O-Ring, Weight

Step 2: Rod

Install curtain rod mounts by using the screws that hold up your windows. 1 on each end and another for the middle of the rod. (Option 2: wire clamps big enough to hold wooden or aluminum dowels of your choosing can save you a few dollars!:)

Step 3: Curtains!

Using 28 'cafe style' curtain clips/rings, I hung 2 valances (already the correct size for my application) to cover each end of my "wingdoor" from inside my camper-shell. Notice how the curtains hang straight down; this makes the inside of the camper shell feel 'closed-in'! (Option 2: choose any fabric you want, cut it to size and save $$$.)

Step 4: Ties and Such...

2 small bungee cords hold the curtains in place when they're not being used. Simply crimp one end/hook wherever it may fit; I used the rod from the shocks as a base.

Step 5: Keeping It Neat!

Using 3 small wire holders (screwed into the bottom edge of the wingdoor via factory screws) placed at either end and another in the center of the window, I managed a method to hold the curtains closer to the window, thus yielding more space in the camper: tie a piece of twine (slightly longer than the window Length) to the wire holders at each end, and clamp a metal O-ring to the center wire holder. Pull a loop in the center of the twine into the O-ring and tie the weight (I used a combo-lock in case I ever need it) onto said loop. Now, simply tuck your curtains under the twine whenever you want privacy in your camper!



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    1 year ago

    I am trying to recreate your design in my truck, but I am stuck. I cannot find curtain rod hangers/brackets/mounts like the ones you used. All I can find are heavy-duty ones for in homes. Where did you get yours from? Thank you! :)

    1 reply

    Reply 1 year ago

    Sam, not for sure what they used, but I put up similar curtains. I just used 1/2 inch pvc pipe with 1/2 inch clamps (for electrical conduit) Works awesome


    2 years ago

    Mick32164, a friend and I set up her car --it's the same as yours!:)


    2 years ago

    Put it in my 2004 GMC Sierra today, quick easy & looks great. Gonne try it in Kernville this weekend, river camping with my GF.


    2 years ago

    This is a great little way to have a truck shell that gives you lots of light but still be able to have shade when you want it. I love your idea to use a combo lock to weigh down the twine over the curtains. Like you said, the twine holds the curtains closer to the windows, and you have a lock if you ever need it. Thanks for the instructions!



    3 years ago on Introduction

    Great instructions - thank you! I'll add something you may already know, but others might benefit. There are "black-out" fabrics that can be used to make or back curtains, that light will not go through. The curtains I've made for one of my vehicles completely block any light that's on inside; creating obvious advantages. The type I buy is actually white. There are numerous private companies that sell it; I happen to buy it at Harts Fabric in Santa Cruz, California via their on-line store. You can use it all by itself or on either the inside or outside of your curtain fabric, depending on what you want to see from the outside. For example, I'm getting ready to make curtains for my new camper shell which is really dark, so I'll use a dark fabric on the outside and the white "black out" on the inside. Hope this helps and thanks again!


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Genius! I never thought of using the window screws to hold the rod. Thank you!