Easy Drugstore Prom Makeup Tutorial - for Beginners

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I wanted to film a prom makeup look that would be perfect for someone who couldn't afford a makeup artist for there special day so I wanted a easy look where you can look so glamorous. I do hope you like this.

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Step 1:

So first you need to shape and fill in your brows. For prom you can go a little bit over the top and dramatic as will need to be seen on photos. Then with a good primer you are going to want to apply this to the face so that your makeup is going to last all night. Then just go in with your foundation and apply this all over your face too making sure there are no hash lines and it has been taken down your neck and also your ears.

Step 2:

Then with a concealer or you can use a eye primer you are going to want to apply this all over the lid as this is going to be your base. Then with a skin tones shadow you are just going to want to go over the concealer. This is going to set the concealer and prevent any transfer or creasing. Then with a light brown grey colour you need to blend this out into the crease and use this as a transition colour. This is so the dark colour on the lid is going to blend out allot easier. Then go in with a chocolate brown colour and apply this to the lid and blend this out into the crease.

You are going to want to repeat these steps until you are happy with the look and everything is blended.

Step 3:

Then with your concealer you need to apply this to your under eyes, chin, nose and forehead to highlight your face. Then with a setting powder you need to go over the concealer to keep this there all day and stop creasing or moving about your face. Then with your bronzing powder you are going to want to contour by applying to the hollows of your cheeks, jawline, nose and hairline. This is going to help shape your face and is also perfect for pictures.

Step 4:

Then with the chocolate shade you are going to want to apply this to the lower lash line and blend this out into the top lid. This will really help bring the full look together. Then with a shimmery light pink shade you are going to need to apply this to the inner corner and this is going to be your highlight and will help open up your eyes. To ope your eyes further you are going to need to add a white liner to your lids.

Step 5:

Lastly for the eyes you are going to want to apply your mascara and your lashes and this is a great way to look glamourous.

Step 6:

Now the last steps are to apply a highlighter to the highest points of your cheeks and nose and then apply a nuse matte lip to your lips.

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