Easy Duct Tape/Plastic Sheeting Apron

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What says that Dad is a real handyman better than duct tape?  This is a quick project to help you get on to other projects with your children, such as teaching the true joys of literature, and encouraging them to help paint your fence, just like Tom Sawyer did.   Ah, summer fun....  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Adventures_of_Tom_Sawyer

This is a down-and-dirty quick apron that you can make en-masse for various messy projects.  I came up with it in the first place for a paper marbling class that I was teaching last year.  The size of the apron can be adjusted to fit smaller people, and if a strap breaks, the fix is no farther than the "Handyman's best friend."  ;)

This instructable was inspired by all of the great apron instructables already on this site, specifically the apron made out of a plastic tablecloth,
and the no sew duct tape apron.

Step 1: Cut Yer Plastic.

   Pick any around the neck apron that you like and use a permanent (Or not) marker to trace around it onto a piece of plastic  sheeting. 

  Cut it out.

Step 2: Add the Duct Tape.

Measure your neck string on your apron and take a piece of duct tape that length plus about three inches for each side (To attach to the apron.)  Or just eyeball it.

Place first three inches of tape on one side of the top front of the apron, right about where the string should go.  Take another short piece of tape to go on the other side to reinforce strap.  (Probably around six inches of tape.)
  Then fold duct tape in half, making sure that the edges meet.  Leave about three inches unfolded to attach neck strap to the other side, again using another short piece of tape on the back.  If you forget, and fold it all, just slap on another short piece of duct tape on it to hold it onto the front.  This has the added bonus of making it adjustable.  :D

Take about a yard of tape (Or, just eyeball it.) and take one end of the tape and stick the first three inches on front of apron where the tie string should go.  Take another short piece (6 In.) and put on back to reinforce.  Fold remaining duct tape in half.   Repeat for strap on other side of apron. 

Feel free to decorate your apron however you want. Permanent markers are nice to put the kids names on their aprons, and a little extra duct tape trim really adds a little something.

     This is all a little trickier than it sounds, seeing as we are dealing with duct tape- which can be stubborn.  (You could duct tape shoe laces to the apron for ties, etc. and skip the whole folding-the-duct-tape step if it gets too annoying.)  
     However, I know that you will soon have the cheap and easy duct tape/plastic sheeting apron mastered and be outfitting the latest crop of victi...  I mean children for fence/house/room/barn painting- and pure literary enjoyment this summer.  So go read a good book, and remember, your wife won't get so mad if you protect their clothes.



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