Easy Dungeon Severed Head

Introduction: Easy Dungeon Severed Head

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I made this spooky severed head from things I had around my house, except for the cheap mask. I bought that at Target for $2.

Step 1: Assemble Parts and Tools

Dummy head (the kind used by hair stylists for training)

2 empty cast-iron hanging basket planters

A piece of rag or old t-shirt neckline

Red paint (I used acrylic craft paint)

Cheap clear plastic mask

4 black zip-ties



Paint brush or stick

Step 2: Splatter the Blood

Cut rag into whatever shape you want...a circle, rectangle, it doesn't matter. It only matters that rag is large enough to slip over the bottom of the neck of the dummy. Also it should be big enough to spread out a little.

Cut a hole large enough to slide over the neck of head, from the bottom. Test it but then remove cloth and lay it on newspaper or some other surface you don't mind getting paint on.

Apply blobs of red paint, splattering, dripping, not brushing.

Let dry.

Step 3: Dress the Head

After paint, err, blood dries, slide the rag over the bottom of the neck of the head.

Put the cheap mask on the head. I was lucky, I found a clear mask that looked like it had cuts and blood on it.

Step 4: Cage the Head and Hang It

Pull the chains of the planters through the bottom holes of each. That way the bottom planter will have chains that hang down and the top will have chains coming up the middle. It looks like something from a dungeon.

Place the head w/bloody cloth attached, into the bottom basket.

Turn the second basket upside down and place on top of the other basket, rim to rim. Chain coming up the middle.

Use zip-ties to hold two planters together.

Hang your spooky severed head and enjoy!

Step 5: Post Script

I bought a $3 little strobe light (uses batteries) which I am going to put in the cage with the head on Halloween Night.

I was originally going to just put a glow stick in the cage, but then I found the little strobe light.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    wow amazing where did you get th planters they are amazing they look like a dungen


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    thank you i will see if they ahve some thing simallar


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    I bought them at a garden vented on clearance, years ago. They're just two hanging baskets, made from heavy metal. They hold a (coconut) fiber lining or another pot usually.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Great idea... now I have to add hanging baskets to my watch for list !! Thanks for sharing !


    9 years ago on Introduction

    lol the thumbnail image on the halloween contest page looked like Harry Potter. Voldemort would love that