Easy Earphone Storage



Introduction: Easy Earphone Storage

Step 1: Get Your Materials

all you need is a pair of earphones.

Step 2: Start Folding

Pull the earphones straight then fold it in half then that in half then that in half then that in half.

Step 3: Gimme Some Slack!

Take the earbuds and pull both at the same time while holding the bundle... pull until it releases slack twice.

Step 4: The Wrapping

Wrap the two earbuds and slack around the bundle of wire. Leave a wrap's worth of slack unwrapped for the next step

Step 5: Secure the Folds

Put the two earphones through the loop with more slack

Step 6: Tighten

Pull the earbuds while holding the bundle to tighten.

Step 7: Unwrapping When Needed

Put the buds back through the loop and hold the whole thing by the earbuds and mp3 jack and pull.

Step 8: Goodbye

This is the end of my first instructable.

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