Easy Eggnog-for-one Recipe




My favorite holiday activity? Drinking alone. This Instructable will get you a nice glass of nog to drink while sitting under the fake tree pondering your miserable existence.

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Step 1: Ingredients

1 Egg
1/4 cup milk
1.5 oz bourbon
1 heaping tablespoon powdered sugar
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
ground nutmeg

Step 2: Sterilizing the Egg

Raw egg makes me nervous. Although they are usually naturally sterile I like to do this step to be sure. Mix the bourbon and egg first, give it light mix and let it sit for a minute.

Step 3: Add the Rest of the Ingredients.

Add the sugar, milk, and vanilla extract, and ice

Cap the shaker and get ready for the magic.

Step 4:

Shake it vigorously, then shake it again vigorously.

Pour it out into your vessel of choice and garnish with a dash of nutmeg.


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      37 Discussions

      what I had done was made mine in a blender with:

      eggs (I forget how many I used - 4 sticks in my mind for some reason)
      3 cups of whole milk
      And another thing I can not remember....

      Then I blended it well, chilled for a while, then enjoyed the whole thing myself....

      I'm sorry, I wish I had more details....

      Guess I need to head to the kitchen & start experimenting...


      9 years ago on Introduction

      preferenceuff. I used a shot of Windsor for the first glass, and a shot of Bacardi for the second glass. Both very good but I like the rum better but that's just my pereference.

      I love and hate this time of year(Christmas). It's time to reflect on years passed and hope for better ones.

      Thanks for the recipe and let's hope we all have a better year to come..


      10 years ago on Introduction

      That looks awesome, but I can't/don't drink bourbon. What else can I do to sterilize the egg?

      4 replies

      Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

      The info doesn't say do not feed raw egg to teens/adults. Does that mean I can drink a raw egg with less worry?


      Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

      It's a 1:20,000 chance; depends on your risk tolerance.
      I happily ingest raw eggnog and cookiedough.  It's not a daily occurrence, so I'm not particularly worried. 

      That said, I have gotten salmonella from improperly handled buffet smoked salmon - was absolutely foul.  I lost >10 lbs water weight in a couple of days.


      9 years ago on Introduction

      I like to add a lot more milk, about 3/4 cup. Adding cinnamon really makes the taste better.


      10 years ago on Introduction

      awesome idea with the sterilization step. You could dump the extract in at that point too. one too many "suddenly" words in the picture caption though.

      6 replies

      Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

      Yea, they said 70% alcohol kills germs the best. 80 proof is about 40%, but then that's diluted by the egg. down even further. Raw eggs don't worry me too much. I make my own mayonnaise, but it's worth the gamble, just in case it helps, by doing it in this order. it's too bad they turned me down for my own private stash of Cobalt-60, I guess I'll just have to buy the pasteurized ones


      Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

      The link says it may not kill it when you add alcohol to the eggnog not to the egg directly. Adding it to the egg directly I think has a chance at working because the alcohol concentration is much higher then adding it after the milk et al are added. If it doesn't kill it completely it probably weakens it enough that it is not as infectious at least. The odds of getting an egg laced with salmonella are really minute anyhow.


      10 years ago on Introduction

      Salmonella? The odds of getting it from raw eggs is about 1/200th the chance of getting from cantaloupe. Be careful, but do not worry. and do not make your nogg from fruit.