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Introduction: Easy Elegant Slat Wood Floor Lamp

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Doesn't this floor lamp look pretty elegant?? Making it is pretty easy and you can also scale it up and down easily to your preference. My friend saw this image online and asked if I could make it. I of course loved the idea of me trying out something while someone paid for it! I have always wanted to try this, but could not justify making a lamp with nowhere to place it :-)

Step 1: Materials

1" wide 1/4" thick slat wood about 5.5 feet long -20

10"x10"x 1.5" - wooden board

20"x20" wooden board.




Paint of choice

Step 2: Sand Your Slats

I think this was the most tedious part of the lamp. Sand each slat and use primmer on it.

Step 3: Cutting Circles

Now you have to cut circles for the top and bottom of the lamp.

I didn't have a 20" x 20" board, so I glued two 10"x20"and connected it with another board for added strength.

Now draw a 20" diameter circle and then draw an inner circle so you have a 2" border. Cut the circle out. If you are using one board without attachments you can use the inner circle to cut the upper smaller circle.

I have uploaded an image on the dimentions of the upper and lower circles. For the upper circle I drew a 10" diameter circle with an inner circle after leaving 1.5". Using a lid I drew 4 small half a circles. Drill and cut these out. You would be left with someting that resembles a car stering wheel! Drill right in the center for the wire of the bulb to go through. Also drill another hole in the corner so that you may pass the wire through from inside, thereby hiding the wire. Right at the bottom drill a hole for the wire to pass on the larger circle too.

Step 4: Assembling

Now, from this point do as I tell you and not as you see it :-) Paint all the parts!!!

While nailing the slats I realized it would be very difficult to paint inside later, so I stopped and painted the inner part of the slats. It was very difficult, so learn from my experience and paint all the parts first :-)

Keeping about 8" on top drill, glue and nail the slats. Use 2 nails per slat. First do the four corners. Now space out the rest of the slats and start to drill, glue and nail. Once you finish the upper circle you would need help in inserting the lower circle.

While someone holds the lamp up, slip the larger circle inside at an angle from the bottom and then slowly turn it flat.

Keep some boxes at the bottom to balace the large circle at equal distance from the floor. Step back and make sure that you have centered the large circle and the drilled hole on the side is corresponding the the upper circles hole in the side (the holes drilled for the wire). Once you are happy with the result start to drill, glue and nail! One nail is sufficent for the bottom. Now all you have to do is wire it up!

Step 5: Wire It Up!

From the top pass the wire through the center hole. Push the wire till it goes right down. Now you can easily wire up your bulb. Once your bulb is fixed, pull up the wire till the bulb is in the height you require. Pass the excess wire through the side hole and down to the corresponding hole in the larger circle. Leave enough slack for the plug to be connected, That way when you ever need to change the bulb you can pull on the excess wire and push the bulb down so that changing the bulb will be easy.

Step 6: Admire!

Now step back. Switch it on, and admire your handy work!

I hope you find this instructable useful and perhap,s you can make one too! If you do....I would love to see it!

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    Very pretty work. Can you please tell me how you get the slats to bend?

    Thanks! Sorry for the late reply, I was busy with my little newborn and only now getting into instructables :-)


    2 years ago

    this is absolutly incredible. Its so semetrical which I love yet so elegant looking. And for events you could change the color of the bulb for night time effects. Bravo dear!:)

    1 reply

    Thank you! yep, even run some string lights :-)

    Thank you so much! And Congrats to you too...I know you would make great use of the knives :-)

    shazni, nice work coping another lamp. I do the same when my wife likes something on the internet. She gives me a picture and tells me to build it, so I copy and add my own touches. Good instructions.

    1 reply

    Thank you so much! Your wife must be thrilled that you do it for her ;-)

    Yay~ you won in the glow in the dark contest! Awesome. I really anticipate you winning the homemade contest as well. After we move, when ever that will be, I plan on making this lamp. It will look awesome in our new place. Congrats~


    THANKS! And CONGRATS to you too! Being a cyclists , you must be pretty excited ;-)

    You say I didn't have a 20" x 20" board, so I glued two 10"x10" but that will make 10"x20", not 20"x20"

    1 reply

    Thank you so much for pointing out my mistake. I appreciate it! Will correct it to 10" x 20" :-)