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Hello Amigos, Today i will show how a shoe-box turned into a emoji mood-changer storespace. This step-by-step tutorial will never ever let you throw your empty cartons in the bin again... Let's have a look at it.. :)

Step 1: Get Your Materials:

1. A Shoe-box

2. Table-tennis balls

3. Print out of emojis (you can save this emoji file from the image)

4. Fairy lights

5. Craft scissor/ cutter

6. Glue-stick

7. A paint brush

8. Watercolours / Glass colours

Step 2: Punch Holes Into Balls

Take a sharp scissor, now hold the balls carefully punch holes on the lower body of the ball for the lights to plug-in.

Step 3: Painting the Balls

Paint the balls with the mixed shade of lemon yellow and chrome yellow hue using the brush.

QUICK TIP: You can use water-based glass colours of shade golden yellow. You can directly apply the colour on the ball without using a brush.

Step 4: Air-dry Balls

You can use old straws in a vertical bin to hang balls for drying faster.

Step 5: Making Space for Balls

Meanwhile, as the balls dry, we will draw circles on the inner lid of your shoe-box. Based on the size of your box you can plan on how many emojis you would need to draw.

The box i chose can comfortably have 7 emojis placing 4 in the first row and 3 in the second row.

After tracing out circles, grab a cutter and cut them out.

Step 6: Cutting Emojis Out

This is time-taking task, you would need patience to cut out the emojis from the print out. And, secure them.

You can also use a permanent marker to draw emojis directly on balls, but cutting them out from prints sounds easier. Isn't it ?

Step 7: The Fun Part

Before anything else, if your shoe-box has any letters or images on it you can paint the surface or stick some plain paper.

Now, get glue and stick the emoji cut-outs onto balls. Stick them carefully in the right proportion.

And, using Glue-gun secure these lively emoji balls on the lid of shoe-box.

Step 8: Placing the Lights

Now, take a bunch of 3/4 lights and insert them into holes underneath the emoji balls.

After having placed all the lights into place. Take a chart paper of required size and glue on the inner lid hiding the wires of fairy lights.

Step 9: Storespace

And finally, You can store your stationery,sunglasses and many more in your emoji mood-changer box. :)

Step 10: Here You Go!! Your Mood-changer Emoji Lamps



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    1 year ago

    Using ping pong balls was perfect! The emojis look really good :)

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    Reply 1 year ago

    That's lovely.. Thanx a ton .. :)