Easy Entertainment System

Introduction: Easy Entertainment System

Have you ever wanted to use your laptop or pc on your tv? With the rising of HDMI screens and PCs you can. In only a matter of minutes you can make your pc go on the big screen. Here's how. By the end of this you will have a easy system that can play all your stuff on the tv without having to switch devices or inputs.



PC (Optional, if you want to lug this to your living room, go ahead)


HDMI cable

power supply for laptop (or PC)

USB DVD player (optional)

Xbox one (optional)

Windows 10

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Step 1: Wires and USB Stuff

I put my laptop in an open area on a shelf. Luckily the shelf had a hole to run wires through. You might need a drill if you want to open a hole in a shelf without one. I had the the HDMI cable run right to the port on my tv. You should use a wireless keyboard to control your PC.

Step 2: Software Stuff

I made a folder for all the entertainment stuff on the start screen for easy access. I suggest doing so.

Step 3: Xbox Setup (Optional, But Recommended If You Have One. Get It? One?)

I've loved the xbox app ever since I heard about it. It is quite easy to setup. After you connected you xbox account you can search for your xbox and connect to it. If you have instant on turned on you can turn it on manually later. Then you can turn on your remote and start streaming.

Step 4: DVD Player (optional)

A DVD player can be put to great use by hooking it up to your PC and playing your DVDs right there.

Step 5: Optional: Software

If you want software for this I programmed code for a interface.

Please tell me if it works on your computer.





Click on download as zip and follow the insructions

For the python code you should take a look at it and install any libraries you don't have that i imported

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    4 years ago

    I added a step for a python program I made into an exe for this.

    Check it out!


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    So many great ideas! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the community!


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    Thanks, I'm happy to be here