Easy Faux Placket--The Fun of Buttons Without the Headache of Buttonholes!




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This is a tutorial that can be applied to a dress--front or back--I added it to a winter dress that zips in the back but uses a whole lot of fun different buttons in the front, but without any buttonholes!  

1) Using an existing pattern piece, add twice the amount of width that you want your placket.  For example, I wanted a 1 inch placket, so I widened the center piece of the dress by 2 inches.

2) Next, fold the piece in half wrong sides together, and stitch the width of you placket, so I stitched 1 inch down the center.

3)Press the placket flat, centering in the middle of the dress.

4) Finally, stitch along both sides of the placket 1/8" in and finish garment as instructed.
All the fun of buttons without the headache of buttonholes! To see the tutorial on my blog, no big dill, go here.



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    adorable idea--one tiny suggestion, though:
    Solid color--so much easier than matching stripes.
    keep creating. This is so cute