Easy Filament Dry Box

Here's a quick and easy way to make a dry box to keep your 3D printing filament in good condition and printing well. In terms of bang for your buck it's one of the best ways to improve your 3D printing.

You need:

  • Gamma Seal Lid
  • EVA-Dry E333 renewable dehumidifier
  • 5 gallon paint bucket - find a scrap one or get one from your local hardware store

Snap the lid onto the bucket, stack your filament inside, insert the dehumidifier and seal it up.

There's a color indicator on the dehumidifier to tell you when it needs to be renewed. It lasts quite a long time - months at least. To dry it out, take it out and plug it in somewhere outside in the garage. Wait a few hours and it will be good as new.

That's it. It's easy and it has eliminated the popping and little bubbles I was getting with some of my filaments. Surfaces are smooth and consistent. Good luck!

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    4 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Wow. I've had mine in for at least 3 days and it's still bad moist..


    3 years ago

    About how long does it take to dry out filament in there? I havw moisture in mine and pit it in this contraption but wonder how long it will take