Easy Finger Lace Ring




Introduction: Easy Finger Lace Ring

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Material List:

  • - 12" Trilene, Fireline, or .4 or .5mm stretch cord
  • - Beads: 8/0 seed beads (optional focal bead 6-8mm)
  • - Jewelry glue (GS Hypo Cement or fingernail polish)

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Step 1: Center Beads on Your String

Center 13 beads on string (if different center bead is used, 6-1-6)

Step 2: Cross Through

Add 1 "center bead" and cross your threads through (making an X). Then add 5 beads on each side.

Step 3: Repeat Pattern

Next add 1 "center" bead & cross threads through as before. Repeat these steps until you get approx. 2 1/4 inches long. I found that alternating the your "loops" with 5 beads, then 6 beads, then 5 beads made the best size (this depends on brand and size of your beads).

End with the 5 beads (or 2 1/4") - do NOT cross through a center bead.

Step 4: Finishing the Ring

To close the loop, cross through the first "original center bead" with one side string. You may find it easier to flip it over so the beginning is at the top.

Step 5: Tie a Knot

Pull the strings tight and tie a knot. Note: I tuck the threads back through a few beads to hide the ends so that I'm to cutting right next to the knot)

Step 6: Glue & Cut Tails

Add a drip of jewelry glue or fingernail polish to the knot to secure it and trim the threads.

Step 7: Tips; Printable PDF & YouTube Video

Depending on the brand and size of your beads, you may need to adjust how many beads you put on each loop. This example makes a ring approximately 6 1/2 - 7 size. You can get a printed version of this on our website: www.glassmoose.com/cart - click on Tutorials. You can also view a video on YouTube: search GlassMooseDecor. Thank you. Sandy

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    Great looking ring. I am going to have to show this project to my daughter. She would really think that it is fun.