Easy Fix to a Big Belt

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Is your favorite belt too large? Well, no need to worry! I have an easy fix for that. Simply, you use what every household has: a ponytail. With this trick, no one will notice the extra loop but you, and your belt will be looking fabulous. Just follow these easy instructions, and your belt will fit like a dream! This makedo belt loop will work on any belt.

Time: 10 seconds 
Level of Hardness: Easy as Pie!
  • One too-large belt
  • One small ponytail holder

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Step 1: Find the Right Ponytail

Dig around through your junk drawer, peer inside that jewelry box, look under that pile of magazines. Everyone has a ponytail holder somewhere-you just gotta find it! The perfect ponytail belt loop is a small one that can stretch over the belt. If it doesn't, it is too big. It also should be the same color as your belt. Once you find one, proceed to step 2.

Step 2: Pull It On, and There You Go!

Wrap the ponytail over the belt, and past the first beltloop on the belt.

VOILA! Now you have a makeshift beltloop for your too large belt. Try this concept out on any belt or high waisted belt. This trick will help all you belt-lovers out there!

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    2 years ago

    Great simple idea!