Easy Flexible Silicon Octopus

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This is an easy quick project to make a pretty cool realistic looking Halloween prop or costume.

I used it to create an octopus prop for my costume, but u could easily use this technique to make a "alien facehugger" or any number of other creepy creatures


1 to 2 tubes 100% silicon caulk (I used Black)

Aluminum foil

Thin flexible wire (I used plant wire)

doll eyes

Cheap paint brush

Acrylic paint

Latex gloves

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Step 1:

Cut 4 equal sized pieces of wire, bend them in half, and twist together.

Wrap them in aluminum foil to get the basic shape.

Leave an extra few inches of wire exposed at the end of each tentacle.

(You want something to hold on to when u are applying the silicon and paint.)

Step 2:

Do one tentacle at a time. Started by covering the the bottom with a thin layer of white silicon.

Once u get a layer on and before it dries take you paint brush and start smoothing out the silicon, go in the same direction of the tentacle.

I added just a little light pink and tan paint to my brush as I smoothed it out just to give a hint of color.

My technique was to make the outside darker than the center.

Step 3:

Let the bottom dry completely flip over and do the same on the top side slowly building up the layer until u achieve the shape u want.

I used different shade of red paint on my brush to smooth out the black silicon, making sure not mix too much in, so the black would still show through.

put a piece of tape over eyes and glue it on with silicon then built up the layers around it.

Step 4:

Once the silicon dries, either leave it black for more of a wet/slimy look, or use layers of paint with the dry brush technique to achieve the color u want.

Clip off the ends of the wire and add a dab of silicon to hide the end of the wire.

Take an exacto knife and cut the tape off the eyes and clean up the edges

Step 5:


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    1 year ago

    That looks really creepy! Lol, putting it on the dog is a great costume idea. :)

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