Easy Flower Craft for Children

Introduction: Easy Flower Craft for Children

Supplies needed:

1) Lots of inexpensive “silk” flowers. We will not be using the stems, so silk flowers with stems that are too short for other projects will work fine. Just clean out the closets, ask your friends, hit a few thrift stores, take apart an ugly flower arrangement, or go shopping at a dollar store.

2) Glue dots.

3) Brads. Use the older gold ones that would hold together school reports, or pick up some that are more decorative from the scrapbooking aisle of a craft store.

4) Things to glue on the front of your flowers: buttons, ogle eyes, plastic gems, etc.

5) Things to glue on the back of your flowers such as: greeting cards, construction paper, hair clips, magnets, ribbon (to make bookmarks or award pins).

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Step 1: Gather Supplies

Gather all your supplies the most important things are the glue dots and the silk flowers you may want to also gather things like googly eyes or cardstock or ribbon

Step 2: Take Flowers Apart

take flowers apart so all you are left with is the silk flower. you can discard the stem or save it for other craft projects.

Step 3: Allow Imagination to Work

after taking apart your flowers place all the flowers and other supplies in front of you and let your imagination go wild. begin by taking a glue dot and sticking it to a flower then to another flower and so on a so forth you can make bookmarks by attaching your flower to ribbon, or hair clips by attaching the flower to a clip. the possibilities are endless.

Step 4: Check Us Out

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