Easy French Tip Manicure With Label Stickers

Introduction: Easy French Tip Manicure With Label Stickers

About: I'm a girly girl that's remarkable different and am currently obsessed with finding ways to 1) be glamorous in a sustainable and eco-friendly way 2) creatively repurpose everyday items like cardboard, plast...

I need beauty stuff for dummies otherwise I make a giant mess and fail to look glam - so here's a cheap and easy way I found to give myself French tips using label stickers I got at an office supply store :) Check it out! 



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    Wow, i only just got instructables and wow this is amazing!!!

    I realize you posted this forever ago, but in the off-chance you double back to read comments, GREAT INSTRUCTABLE! Clever use of materials, and your video was so calmly, comfortably personable. I'll bet girls nights at your place are the BEST!

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    I loved the way you did this, I wish I had seen this one before buying all the other stuff and going to the nail lady. running to the office supply store right now. you rock

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    hey thanks for saying so and I'm glad you can use this technique yourself :D I've got another one I'll be putting up that's is a variation of this one so stay tuned!