Easy French Tips

This is an easy way to create salon french tips without any important tools

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Step 1: What You Need

1. Nude or light pink nail polish

2. White nail polish

3. Clear nail polish

4. Large nail clipper

5. Scotch tape

Step 2: Basecoat & Color

Paint all nails in clear polish and wait till dry to paint ur light pink or nude color.

Step 3: Taped Nail Tips

Take the tape and tape it on a table so its not sticky enough to ruin ur nails.

Take the nail clipper an cut it to the desired length of your french tip.

Step 4: Painting French Tips

Befor you put the tape on your nails paint a clear coat and wait till it drys.

Then place the tape on your nails around the size you made the tape.

Paint the tips of the nails white then remove the tape fast.

Step 5: Finish the French Tips

Wait untill the white nail polish is dry to put on the clear coat.

Paint the clear polish and enjoy your new french tips.

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    5 years ago

    This is great for me. My nails always like to collect dirt.