Easy Frilly Pinny - Burlesque Dance Prop

Introduction: Easy Frilly Pinny - Burlesque Dance Prop

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Hello!  This is a quick way to make a frilly pinny that can be used in the kitchen, but I originally made it because we need them for our 'I Want To Break Free' routine at the Burlesque class I go to and it's really hard to make a butchers' apron look sexy!

As I needed one of these quickly, I put this together from an old sheet and completed it by hand in 1 hour.  It would probably have taken 10 minutes if I hadn't previously exploded my (second) sewing machine. 

What you will need:

Left-over fabric - I'm using an old bed sheet the dog stained with mud
A strip of ribbon - long enough to get around your waist and to tie in a nice bow at the back
Thread in the colour of the fabric
Thread in the colour of the ribbon, if different
A needle

*Updated the main picture so it's not as confusing - but the North-Easts best cheesecake stays on!(TY to Penelopy)*

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Step 1: Prepping the Fabric (and Everything Else)!

Give the material a quick clean if it needs it, especially if it is new fabric.  This will make it more pliable and easier to work with.  A quick swish in a bowl with some cleaning soap will do, but make sure you fully dry the fabric out afterward.  If you don't and take awhile to make the pinny (over say a few days when it's squinched up) then it will start to rot.

Put the dried fabric on a work surface or spread across a clean floor.  Have the scissors close at hand and put the rest of the materials to one side.

On the reverse of the fabric (the side people won't usually see) use a large dinner plate (or small dinner plate if you're hatefully skinny) and use it to draw a semi-circle.  You want the semi-circle to be 1cm wider than you would want when finished, just so you have space for the seam where the ruffle and then main section (this bit) fit together.  

Cut the semi-circle out and then put it to one side.

Step 2: Prepare to Be Ruffled!

Bad punnage aside, this is the really annoying bit that takes AGES if you don't have a sewing machine.

You will need a strip of fabric three times the width of the semi-circle and as wide as you want the ruffles to be.  The strip needs to be straight.

To make easy ruffles we start at the bottom centre of the semi-circle.  Put the centre edge of the fabric strip to the centre bottom edge of the semi-circle so they point behind the front of the apron, as in the picture.

Start to sew them together.

Step 3: More Ruffles!

As you sew, tuck part of the fabric BEHIND where you are sewing in the opposite direction of your sewing (once again, look at the picture).  Sew over this and...


...you just completed your first ruffle.  Now just rinse and repeat until you get to the end of that side.  Then, cut the thread, re-thread your needle and start from the bottom-centre again in the other direction to do the other side.

Step 4: Fixing the Top

Don't be surprised if you have spare thread/fabric when you have finished the last few steps - just trim them down and hem the edges, if you feel they need it.

Here's the final bit (I promise):

Cut a length of ribbon that, when tied around your middle, has plenty of length at the ends to tie it.  I always make sure that the ends when partially undone (when you pull the bow ends) can be held out at the sides with my hands.  This makes the pinny easier to strip off, play with and is excellent for displaying your middle and bum!  That's your stripper tip for the week!

Just sew the ribbon to the main part of the apron making sure that the length is equal on each side using the matching colour thread.

And you're done!

Step 5: Future Possibilities

Just some ideas to change the look/use of the pinny, please feel free to add your own ideas to Instructables.com or the comments below :D

Use fabric with a wire rather than a ribbon - this would allow the bow to stand up and puff out

Use feather trim, such as hackle feather trim, rather than ruffled fabric (be careful when cleaning it though)

Using fabric again, add a wire to the bow only and close the back using a stopper.  This would be easier to take the pinny on/off and means you won't need to reshape the bow each time you take the pinny off.

Thank you for reading my first Instructable!

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    Evil Miss Leele
    Evil Miss Leele

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks lots! And yes, that cheesecake is gorgeous - it's from a beautiful country pub right out in the sticks of the Wear Valley. They even have a pet Llama and some deer and ducks!

    Next Instructable - my Great-grandmas' recipe for German Marzipan!