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Do you ever find yourself doing an oil change and spilling oil for lack of a funnel?
Have you ever misplaced your funnel?
Tired of paying for cheap funnels?

Have I got the project for you. All it takes is an empty oil container and a knife! Voila instant funnel.

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Step 1: Cut the Funnel

Cut the bottom off of your EMPTY quart bottle.

Step 2: Use the Funnel

Insert the funnel and pour away.

Step 3: Save the Funnel

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    good one! nice, simple, easy, cheap as you can get..and will work great. now thats what i call a good tip...thanks


    8 years ago on Introduction

    FYI, "viola" is a violin-like stringed instrument, "voila" is a French word which literally means "see there" but has been bastardized by Americans to mean "as if by magic".

    2 replies