Easy Glow in the Dark Earrings




About: There is no greater harm than that of time wasted - Michelangelo Buonarroti

This is a very easy and fast to make present idea. No tools needed. Only imagination.

Step 1: What We Need

1.Clear Epoxy resin.

2. Pills tablets foil.

3. Phosphorescent sand or powder for a glowing effect. You can also put in small candy, pieces of plastic ,metal, ceramic etc.

4. Pin earrings base.

Step 2: First Step

Before you start make sure you have all stuff that you need. Some resins may harden fast.

First remove the metal foil from the tablets. Prepare the resin an pour it in the mold, put in the things that you want and leave some resin above the them. Let the resin cure.

Step 3: Step Two and Final :)

After the resin has cured, prepare some new resin. Put a drop of resin on top of every earring and add the pin base. Make sure that resin covers the base plate. Let the resin cure. After the resin has cured, remove the earrings from the mold. Some force is needed to remove them so be patient and careful.

If you notice that the earrings are glued to the mold use some baby oil in the beginning as an unmolding solution. This will make the final products blurry, but you can fix them by washing the oil and adding a coat of clear nail lacquer.

Done. :)



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    1 year ago

    Thank you for sharing. I had never imagined using pill containers as a mold before. What a great idea!