Easy Gluten Free Egg Strata: Cheap Enough for the Whole Family

Introduction: Easy Gluten Free Egg Strata: Cheap Enough for the Whole Family

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Easy gluten free egg strata: Cheap enough for the whole family

Step 1:

Gluten free egg strata is easy to make and cheap too! We are a large gluten free family and we think this is the best gluten-free breakfast casserole recipe because it is simple and does not require any fancy ingredients. Guests always ask for this gluten free egg and sausage casserole recipe - and we're always glad to clean up the leftovers.

I love waking up to the smell of Mom's egg strata on Sunday mornings. Mom puts everything together in a pan the night before so all she has to do in the mor ning is move it out of the fridge and into the oven. It's one of MY family's favorites so I thought YOUR family might want to try it, too!... I don't know why it's called "egg strata." To me, it's just a bunch of layers of yummy goodness all put together. People always ask her for the recipe after they've scraped the pan clean. So the first layer is potato hashbrowns. We use ALDI brand because they fit perfectly into our baking pans and there is no wheat in the ingredients list, but if you are sensitive to gluten, you already know that you ALWAYS check the label first. The next layer is basically scrambled eggs. Mom uses 6 eggs, 2 cups of milk, and CHEESE. Cheese is absolutely, positively, necessary for the yummiest way possible. Mom says 1 cup is enough, but I prefer the MORE yummy way (which means MORE cheese) but Mom always gets the final say. Then she adds 1 cup water, and the dry stuff that helps everything fluff up a bit which is just 1/2 cup rice flour, 1 tablespoon baking powder, and 1 teaspoon salt. Mix it all up and pour the cheesy egg mixture over the hashbrowns in the pan. You can also add crumbled bacon, browned sausage, ham... whatever! And the cool thing is that it ALWAYS turns out great, whether you add lots of other stuff to it or not! Bake it UNcovered for almost an hour at 400 degrees and then test the middle with a knife to make sure it's done. And boy when it is, you'll find out - like I did - that gluten free food is WAY better than you expected!

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