Easy Gothic Makeup and Removal



Introduction: Easy Gothic Makeup and Removal

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This makeup done by me. It's easy to do and not necessarily gothic

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Step 1: Materials

I used: Liquid eyeliner Gel eyeliner or pencil eyeliner Skin tone foundation White foundation Black eyeshadow Mascara

Step 2: Foundation

I put skin tone foundation and then mixed it with white powder foundation. Then I put it all over my face. Jut a little so it looks realistic

Step 3: Eyeliner

Take your pencil eyeliner and put some on your lower eyelid only in the corner.

Step 4: Gel Eyeliner

Take the gel eyeliner and out it on your top lid. I do this because the black eye shadow tends to smudge and this just keeps the black in place

Step 5: Eye Shadow

Apply black eye shadow

Step 6: Mascara

Apply the mascara

Step 7: Liquid Eyeliner

Apply the liquid eyeliner in streak upon the eye you want

Step 8: Finish

This is what it looks like in the end

Step 9: Removal

I didn't have any makeup remover so I used this thigh. Soap also works too but be careful around your eyes. It huuuuurts

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