Easy Grip

Pens have grips that are adequate for everyday writing and short notes, however when you need to write for hours on end or when your hand is sprained or if you have a joint condition, the grip usually isn't good enough.

This instructable illustrates an obvious, simple and easy way to make a better pen grip using rubber bands.

Step 1: What You Need

You only need rubber bands for the grip. Depending on the size of the rubber bands, between 5 and 9 should do. You can make a rubber band chain for convenience or use them individually if you want to use them for something else later.

Step 2: What to Do

a. Rubber Band Chain

Take the rubber band chain and wrap it around the pen where you need the grip. Wrap the last rubber band around the grip a few times.

b. Rubber Bands

Wrap the rubber bands onto the pen individually.

You should have your own pen grip.



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