Easy Guide to Install Flexible LED Strips Over Headlights




Introduction: Easy Guide to Install Flexible LED Strips Over Headlights

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You will need some 3M double sided tape, 4 wiretaps, 4 butt connectors, wire stripper/crimp, flathead screwdriver, and maybe an extra foot or 2 of some ~22 gauge wire (speaker wire works well), 2 pcs 12V 24cm flexible LED light strips (waterproof). 

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Step 1:

Use the flat head and remove the push clip in the fender skirt and pull it back. Then reach in and remove the parking light (make sure you get the one that only has 2 wires. I then used a razor to slice the black tubing about 1" that covered the wires to make accessing them easier.

Now use the wire taps and a foot of the extra wire and wire tap into the parking light wire.

Now strip the other end of that wire and connect your LED lights to test for proper polarity by turning on your parking lights. (If the first try doesn't work just reverse the polarity and it should work.)

Step 2:

Now that you have proper polarity use the butt connectors and connect the wires.

Snake the LED strip through to the engine bay so that you can now mount it with the double sided tape.

You can now put your parking light bulb back into the lamp, and replace the fender skirt.

Now you need to apply the double sided tape to the LED strip. The thin double sided tape from 3m fit the width perfectly. **I made the mistake of putting the double sided tape on them first and one of my LED's wires go towards the grill instead of the parking light which left excess wire in the engine bay and 3M tape is a pain in the ass to remove.

Now you can pull the backing off of the 3m tape and apply it the way you want it to your headlight. I followed the etched line in the headlight with my LEDs because it flows perfectly with the hood.
Wire tie any excess wires under the hood and repeat for opposite side.

Sorry all pictures were taken after.

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